S Scale - Durango Roundhouse 3 Stall Wall Kit

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MSRP: $169.99

This is not a complete Roundhouse Kit.

These are walls designed to be used to create a prototypical Durango Roundhouse.

Sold as a 3 stall starter set, additional stalls can be purchased to obtain any size structure.


These walls can also be used to create a freelance brick Roundhouse for Narrow Gauge use.


Materials Include:

- Interior & Exterior Brick 3D Engraved in Basswood

- Double Sided Windows w/ Glazing (Based on the Prototype)

- Brick Pilasters, Sills & Cornices

- Concrete Overlays & Caps

- Brick Window Inserts (When windows are not needed)

- Stall layout template


No Plaster or Resin!


Side wall length: 12 3/4"

Back Stall Wall: 4 1/2"

Dimensions are based on prototypical drawings by Michael Blazek.


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Warning: Small parts not intended for children under 13.



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