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These Concrete Plate sheets will give your scene the realism it needs.
They can be cut into individual pieces or laid down as a whole sheet.  

Each plate is approximately 4' x 3' in HO Scale.
These Concrete Plate Sheets are from an actual photo of a Street.

Butting up the pieces completes the joint for the new section. 

You can use them for roads, walkways, pathways, drive ways, flooring, etc.  
Use them anywhere you need concrete pavement. 

- 5.12"L X 5.12"W per sheet. 
- 2 Sheets per pack
- Material: .015" thick Lazerboard, so it is easy to cut.

You can keep adding sheets to make a road a long or as wide as you need.

We recommend Formula 560 Canopy Glue to hold them in place, when fully cured it stands up to water or alcohol treatments for painting.  
We recommend gluing one piece in place at a time, let dry for 10-15 minutes then apply the second sheet.  
The second sheet should be forced up against the first piece to minimize the seam.
Also make sure all the edges have glue on them. Keep weights on them until fully dry.  

We do not recommend painting the Concrete Plate Sheets before installing.

Warning: Small parts not intended for children under 13.



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